headshot of my beautiful angry lady, Basalt

posting this here too bc dragons



headshot of my beautiful angry lady, Basalt

posting this here too bc dragons

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Seriously look at that cute little pink marshmallow babie. This is the best.

I’m in iceland and I woke up at 4 in the morning and it was snowing! I’ve never seen it snow before. And literally before I went to bed we chased the northern lights and saw them! Now this morning there’s a little Icelandic kid in little boots jumping around and singing and little cats leaving cat prints. This is the most magical thing.

fuck-banter said: So for me it's gotten to the point where I cannot justify eating meat/taking part in industries which harm animals for no reason. I always justified by saying "Well there probably isn't an industry in which someone or something isn't harmed, that's just profit" but I know that argument is weak because just because I can't help everyone, doesn't mean I should try and help someone. My issue now falls mainly on convenience, meat is cheap and accessible and it's one of the first things cont*


cont* one of the first things you learn to cook. I’m in university and my skills with food are minimal, I find it hard to shift away from meat when eating itself is a chore: I barely have the time to experiment with food when just making bolognese is a task for me. I also don’t have the money to always eat at a vegan restaurant, even if I could find one. I really can’t go on eating meat though, I feel sick knowing what i’m supporting every time I eat it. Any tips for me at all?

Congratulations on achieving a decent attitude towards your own actions!

Luckily for you, there are tons of resources out there to help your particular predicament. 

The good news is: you don’t have to break the bank to go vegan. The cheapest foods on earth are vegan. Rice, beans, legumes, seasonal fruits and veggies, etc. 

The hardest part is just going to be reformatting your habits. It takes time, dedication, patience and probably some other virtues that are pretty rare in college aged people. 

Start small, STICK TO IT, and you’ll see how slowly but surely you’ll get the hang of cooking, finding deals and enjoying all of it. Do the work. Trust me, it’s well worth it.

Vegan is only for rich people is a lie!


okay so a big ass pesticide company -Syngenta- just peitioned to the U.S. got to let them increase their pesticide limit up another 40,000%, which is basically a death sentence for bees, so please please PLEASE if you can at least donate $1 to help them here?

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When you call veganism/animal rights a white person thing you…


1. Erase POC vegans. 

2. Erase the history and contributions of animal rights among POC. (Jains, for example.)

3. Forget that white people often have the largest voice when it comes to just about any movement, regardless of how much they actually contributed to it.

4. Imply that only white people are ethically, morally, and emotionally superior enough to care about non-human lives

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“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

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have a wonderful day : )

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Vegans don’t have to accept non-vegans’ definition of veganism. It is absolutely absurd that non-vegan affiliations would have a more accurate or legitimate definition of veganism than vegan affiliations.

It’s equally absurd that we have to practically fight for the right to have our definition of our movement count.

Veganism does not stop at dietary practices. It is not a diet.

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